A brief introduction from our colleague Alexandra!

Can you tell some things about yourself? Do you have hobbies or specific interests?

I like to travel, but choose a favorite county is very difficult. Every place has its own beautiful things. I like to walk and jog in the nature after an office day. When I sport at home, I follow a online fitness session on YouTube. In addition I am looking for a new apartment in Germany. Currently, I am living in some kind of Airbnb for 6 months now, so I am searching for a place of my own.

What do you enjoy the most at your work?

Sometimes Germany is more conservative and formal in many businesses. At Dopharma, we communicate more modernly and I like that. In addition, there is always room for new ideas and creativity.

Alexandra is looking for two more colleagues in key account management.

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What is your position and what are your activities within Dopharma?

I started in January as an office manager. I’m responsible for the daily business at the office from order management to shipping. I also do sales & marketing support and in the future I will start with technical support. At the moment, I am still in my introduction phase so I learn very much right now.

How did you end up working at Dopharma?

I was looking for another job when working as a pharmaceutical representative in the field for the human pharmacy for eardrops and skincare. I did like the job but I don’t consider myself very sales driven. When I started to look at my strengths, it became clear that organizing and coordinating was the direction to find a new challenge. A while back, I took a sort of career choice test from someone and after 2 hours, she was sure that office manager would suit me. and here I am!